About us

Our name is inspired by the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the letter בּ “Bet.”

This letter represents the number 2 in ancient Hebrew which is a reflection of the duality of our company. We are a Taiwanese design company seeking to blend our culture and the natural resources available to us in Taiwan with our passion for the Hebrew language and Israeli culture.

The letter בּ also represents a house or dwelling. You can see from the pictographic roots of the Hebrew alphabet the three strokes that make up the walls of the house and the opening on the left which represents an entrance or window.

The other half of our name is inspired by the Hebrew word for fire, אֵשׁ “Esh.” While fire is a dangerous element that can completely destroy a house and therefore a curious choice to put in our name, we felt it accurately represented the fire and passion we have to create a brand that makes meaningful, lasting products people can be proud to display in their homes and pass down through generations. We also believe that fire is the agent that can bring warmth and light turning a house into a home.

This is our desire, not to simply create decorations and furniture for your house, but to be a part of bringing warmth and light into your home.