brings to life the elegant beauty of wood appearing as petals around a light source. Working with a natural material such as wood, domesticating it, then shaping it back into an organic form, fascinated us.

Bloom’s shape interprets the flower’s blossom, while maintaining its wooden DNA & texture. Once combined with the continuous polished brass stalk, the light fixture obtains an elegant yet surprising look.

Made of bent wood and casted brass.

A boutique brand for lighting fixtures and furniture design.  Combining high-end technologies with traditional crafts, through 3D printing, Pressed Wood, and Porcelain Casting. The Cozi Studio collection is characterized by a unique morphology, achieved by manipulating traditional materials in extreme and technologically innovative ways.


Wrinkled pieces of sketchbook paper inspired this wooden bowl. The random and chaotic yet functional form implemented in bent wood was part of a thorough search for material limitations.

The wrinkled paper like effect was achieved by complex mold planning, executed using 3D programming, thus enabling the wood veneers to form into shape without splitting apart.

Made of bent wood.

Early Blossom

As the flower buds open up to the morning sun, 

Early Blossombrings nature's scent indoor. Bursting out from it's base, the wooden center piece obtains an organic flower like shape. Complemented with a choice of polished brass or casted concrete base, Early Blossom defies the conceptions of wood bending.

COZI_LR_ Unfolded_3_Photoby_Assaf_Ambram
Cozi_LR_Bloom Pendant_1_Photoby_Assaf_Ambram
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Cozi Studio is a high-end brand for lighting fixtures and furniture design. Founders Yuval Carmel & Ofir Zandani are two industrial designers who combine multidisciplinary knowledge of manufacturing techniques, high-end technologies and traditional crafts. Behind each work lays an idea, a vision interpreted; creating a dialog between technology and craft, between perception and tangibility.


  • Maison & Objet 2017 (Paris)

  • Ambiente 2017 (Frankfurt)

  • Maison & Objet 2016 (Paris)

  • The Light in Between 2016 (Taipei ) National Taiwan Craft R&D Institute

  • Creative Roughness 2016 (Taipei) Israeli Design Collective

  • Franz Award 2015 (Beijing) International Porcelain Design Competition

  • Milan Design Week 2015 (Milan) Superstudio Più | Zona Tortona

  • Periscope Gallery 2014 (Tel Aviv) Bending Conventions' Solo Exhibition Curators Sari Faran and Merav Rahat

  • Fresh Paint 2014 (Tel Aviv)​​Annual Contemporary Art Fair


  • Rat für Formgebung (German Design Council Awards)- Interior Innovation Award 2015

  • Franz Award- Bronze Price (2015) 法藍瓷陶瓷設計大賽 –陶瓷設計組銅獎 2015


  • Design Boom 

  • Deavita

  • PPaper

  • Conde 當代設計

  • MyHome 漂亮家居