CRIATERRA is a brand that develops Advanced Earth Technologies and fabricates deeply sustainable products that are as strong as concrete. CRIATERRA’s unique product collection is a 100% natural blend of earth and natural fibers. Our biophilic ‘living’ artifacts add a unique and rare natural sense and scent to every space. Our products embody the vision of a circular economy. At the end of its lifecycle your CRIATERRA piece can be remolded or returned to earth as a nutrient for the biosphere.

Adital Ela

CRIATERRA was founded by Adital Ela, a sustainability designer and impact driven entrepreneur. Adital incorporates indigenous knowledge into sustainability design and develops products that manifest the vision of Zero Impact Local Production for Local Use within a Circular Economy. Adital acts as the CEO of CRIATERRA and is the head of a creative team of five designers and material engineers.Adital is a senior Sustainability Design lecturer at HIT and a TEDfellow.


CRIATERRA’s Advanced Earth Technologies create Eco-Constructive 100% natural composites that allow the mass production of constructive elements as well as interior products. DEEP SUSTAINABILITY ASPECTS: 100% natural, degradable & recyclable | Unique technology saves 90% of energy and 92% of emissions compared to concrete | Applying up to 70% infrastructure and agriculture remains | Novel algorithm enables local production globally. CRIATERRA is a Patent Pending technology.