Nilly Mozer

Nilly Mozer was born and raised in Tel Aviv, and is a designer whose work lies in a sphere where design and art overlap. Her different artworks serve as a means to explore the boundaries of each of the two disciplines. Her artwork appears to hold the functionality and usability of everyday objects, yet often serves only the function of causing artistic reaction. In each of her projects, Mozer explores materiality and functionality. The salient qualities embodied in her work are repetition and humor. 

Cozi Studio

Founders Yuval Carmel & Ofir Zandani are two industrial designers who combine multidisciplinary knowledge of manufacturing techniques, high-end technologies and traditional crafts. Their products are characterized by a unique morphology stemming from deep knowledge and study of materials and a constant drive to push technological boundaries to the limit.

Behind each piece of work lies an idea and a vision realized. Their work is meant to create dialogue between technology and craft, perception and tangibility.

Nissim Porat

Nissim Porat is an industrial designer born and raised in Israel, and was trained in Industrial Design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Porat specializes in interior design, furniture design, and product design. He has exhibited in a number of well-known international fairs and is well-versed in art installations. Porat is a socialist, and a metal specialist at heart. He helps us connect with his designs’ origins by bringing minimal change to their original materials. As a result, we are highly aware of the materials used as we experience his designs - almost as if we were the creators, studying the possible uses of our raw resources.

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