Jonah and the Whale

“Jonah and the Whale” comes to life in this enchanting aquatic creation by Ellen Miller Braun.

Isaiah 40

The chapter Isaiah 40 begins with the words “Comfort, comfort my people” a prophecy of comfort and renewal, which is inscribed continuously in micro calligraphy by Ellen Miller Braun using gematria. Verses 1-30 of Isaiah 40 are written thirteen times, equaling the Hebrew word for love-ahava.

The Book of Exodus – The Parting of the Red Sea

Raise your voice in song and rejoice along with Miriam and the women of Israel. See Moses, holding his holy staff aloft, as he watches Aaron, Joshua and Caleb son of Yefuneh, lead the multitude of Israel, young and old…

Tree of Life: Book of Ruth

In this intricate micro calligraphy piece by Ellen Miller Braun, four components are intertwined to create a stunning Tree of Life.

Jerusalem, Star of David

In beautiful shades of blues, purples and sunset pinks, the Star of David radiates renewed strength using the praising songs from Psalms 122 and 126.


Tefillin, phylactery, are described as an “Ote,” a sign, of the covenant between HaShem, G-d, and Israel: A set of Tefillin has the “Shel Rosh” (head-phylactery) and the “Shel Yad” (arm-phylactery) with corresponding straps.

Creation Paper Cut

Each week Shabbat glows, full of blessings, centering each of us as we celebrate the gifts God has bestowed on us within the world and universe He created.

Blessing Israel – Genesis 12: 2-3

Ezekiel 36

The entire chapter, detailing Israel’s fall into exile and rebirth in redemption, is written repeatedly by Ellen Miller Braun in Hebrew micro calligraphy.

Dancing For Joy

Dancing for Joy:

The words from Purim, read from Migillat Esther: La yehudim hayta ora v’simcha v’sasson v’ekar dance across the page along with these carefree figures representing the joy and fun experienced on this wonderous holiday.

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