leo ray

“Artist is not a profession but a title”, says Ray, “A painter can paint, a sculptor can sculpt, and a poet may compose poetry. This is not necessarily art. Art infiltrates works in mysterious ways, and the creator becomes an artist. Art is a lofty and spiritual height that transforms a work, making it moving and unforgettable. I am a painter, I paint, and of course it would make me very happy if distinguished and knowledgeable people call me an artist”.


Leo Ray is an Israeli painter, illustrator, graphic artist, and calligrapher. He was born in Vilnius , Soviet Lithuania in 1950, and was drawn to the arts from his early childhood. Ray had attended a high school for the arts, followed by the Vilnius University and Vilnius Academy of Art.  He has immigrated to Israel in 1991 and resides in Tel Aviv. Currently he is teaching at CAN New Artists’ Collegium and at the art school BASIS. 


Leo Ray has held 25 solo exhibitions in Israel and Lithuania. He participated in numerous group exhibitions all over Europe (in France, Germany, Austria, Sweden and others), Japan and USA. The artist has won the Jury prize of the Lithuanian Triennial of Medal Art (1987), the Buchman-Heyman Foundation prize for painting (1998) and the Jury 1st prize at the Small Graphics Salon in Baia Mare, Romania (2000).

He draws inspiration for his work from historical events, literature, and from everyday moments. He combines these elements and creates an eye-catching collage. Most of Ray’s works are left untitled, because color and shape are those which rule his kingdom and are the ones assigned to tell the story. He paints the colors and shapes on the format, usually large scale, in a free form that is not committed to any particular genre. He mixes different painting traditions and artistic elements; abstract, figurative, calligraphy, illustrations, and traditional oil painting. The product of these various styles and visual languages combined together radiate color and ooze soul, capturing the hearts of his audience.


  • 2019 - OASIS, Tel Aviv, Israel. 

  • 2018 - LIGHTSHADE - אורצל, Gottesman Etching Center, Kabri. 

  • 2017 - Infinite Painting Fragmented, BASIS for Art and Culture, Herzliya, Israel. 

  • 2017 - COLLAGES, Hezi Cohen Gallery, Tel Aviv.

  • 2017 - INFINITE PAINTING , Saint Louis University MUSEUM of ART. >

  • 2016 - INFINITE PAINTING, Klaipėdos Parodų Rūmai, KKKC, Klaipėda, Lithuania. 

  • 2014 - PAINTING IS THE EXPRESSION OF LONGING, Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan.

  • 2013 - THIS AND THIS, Hezi Cohen Gallery, Tel Aviv. 

  • 2011 - THE BEGINNING OF THE INFINITE, Artists' House, Tel Aviv. 

  • 2010 - DRAWINGS, BASIS School of Sculpture, Beit Yannay, Israel. 

  • 2010 - AZURE, Artists' Residence, Herzliya.

  • 2010 - PAINTINGS, Sv. Jono Gatves Galerija, Vilnius. 

  • 2010 - SOMETIMES, Hezi Cohen Gallery, Tel Aviv. 

  • 2008 - PASSERS BY, Hezi Cohen Gallery, Tel Aviv. 

  • 2006 - RECENT WORKS, The Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan, Israel. 

  • 2006 - BASIS School of Sculpture, Beit Yannay, Israel. 

  • 2005 - WHITE LANDSCAPES, The Municipal Art Gallery, Ramat Hasharon. 

  • 2004 - The Veil Cultural Center, Kfar Shemaryahu, ISRAEL.

  • 2004 - PAINTINGS, The Municipal Art Gallery, Raanana.

  • 2002 - Qadima Contemporary, Israeli Art Gallery.

  • 2001 - BASIS School of Sculpture, Eyn Vered, Israel.

  • 2001 - Opal Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

  • 2000 - Opal Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

  • 2000 - THE GREEN HOUSE, of the Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel.

  • 1997 - Rosh Ha Nikra Gallery, Rosh Ha Nikra, Israel.

  • 1997 - Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

  • 1995 - DRAWINGS, LA Galerija, Vilnius, Lithuania.

  • 1995 - BIRDS, Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

  • 1993 - PORTRAITS, Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

  • 1990 - Ciurlionis Museum, Kaunas, Lithuania.


  • 2000 - The International Small Engraving Salon, Baia Mare, The Jury 1-st prize.

  • 1987 - The Lithuanian Triennial of Medal Art – The Jury Prize.

  • 1986 - The Baltic Triennial of Medal Art – The Jury Diploma.


  • Ein Harod Museum, Israel.

  • The Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan, Israel.

  • The Municipal Art Gallery, Raanana, Israel.

  • Florean Museum, Baia Mare, Romania.

  • Moscow Vuchetich Sculpture Funds, Russia.

  • Grafikens Hus, Mariefred, Sweden.

  • Baltchik City Gallery, Bulgaria.

  • Zagreb Museum of Arts, Croatia.

  • Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel.

  • Naisiai Medal Museum, Lithuania.

  • Telsiai City Museum, Lithuania.

  • Kaunas Museum of Literature, Lithuania.

  • Vilnius Museum of Arts, Lithuania.

  • Leo Ray's works are in private collections in Israel, USA, Germany, France, Finland, Japan, Lithuania, Switzerland and other countries..