The Drifter, the Clan of Or,

guided by a sign. 


The Presence,

a symbol to encourage,

to represent the ONE who is Shepherd, Provider, as Servant!


The Providence, a constant reminder of the existence and perseverance.


Leading in wisdom,

understanding, counsel,

might, knowledge


In no other shadow, is the Drifter’s existence reminded and established.


In no other shadow, is the Clan of Or’s light, able to shine from them and through them.


All from the ONE!

The Tree.

Nissim Porat

Nissim Porat is an industrial designer born and raised in Israel. He was trained in Industrial Design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design from 1985-1989. Porat uses design to express the diversity and intrigue of his travels around the world, particularly of ancient symbols and conflicts in the Middle East. His first experience of creativity was when he was in the army and sculpted avocado seeds into chess figures, which have surprisingly upheld since.


Porat is a socialist, thus his designs are influenced by minimalism and symbolism. In terms of materials, he is a metal specialist. Porat helps us connect with his designs’ origins by bringing minimal change to their original materials. As a result, we are highly aware of the materials used as we experience his designs - almost as if we were the creators, studying the possible uses of our raw resources. 


From 1993-1995, Porat participated in the annual design competition in Tel Aviv. He won an Exhibition Design Award in 1995 and 2nd place in the Rocking Chair Design Competition in 2002. Porat has exhibited in a number of well-known international fairs, including the Stockholm group exhibition “Industrios Designer,” Tokyo Designer Block, Milan Salon, Gallery Holon farm, and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. 


Nissim is not just a practicing designer, he is also passionate about teaching and relaying his knowledge on to students of design. He has taught in a number of renowned institutions, including the Holon Institute of Technology, Vital College of Design, and a Hadassah Master Class. 


Between 1990-2014, Porat worked on the design of commercial spaces, shops, offices and private homes, along with furniture design and product design. In 2007, he designed and produced interactive springboard models for GRVITX, and completed a series for baby products company SASSY. He also designed lighting fixtures in Europe and Israel, and has considerable experience with displaying art installations for public viewing.