“I feel that the essence of being Jewish lies
in adapting to new surroundings without
losing that which makes us unique”




Mofet is a beautiful word in Hebrew, meaning both “good example” and “miracle”. To me, the connection between the two meanings happens at the place at which it’s the abstract, the impossible, the outer worldly, that should be our good example. Just as the abstract idea of the divine, is so much more than a super human being, we should seek inspiration not in a better version of ourselves, but rather in something way beyond our momentary possibilities.


Paragon (2018)

India Ink on acid-free Hahnemühle Paper





Love is one of my favourite works from the last few years. And it is one of the few works that doesn’t deal with a specifically Jewish idea. Rather than that, love has a much more central place in the philosophy of the New Testament. Talking to my Christian friends and colleagues, I’m often deeply impressed by their concept of love being the most important power in their universe. The idea of a loving God, and in fact feelings in general seems to be missing from Judaism. Actions are more important to a religious Jewish life. 


Love (2018)

Aquarel and India Ink on acid-free Hahnemühle Paper


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