Jewish Architecture

Architecture in Israel is what can be described as a hodge-podge of styles. Early in its history, the architecture of Israel reflected the different people groups that inhabited the land throughout the centuries such as Arabs, Crusaders, Christians, and Templers. An example of this is the “White City” in Tel Aviv where German Jews fleeing the Nazi rise in Germany in the 1930s brought Bauhaus style, a German modernist architectural style to Tel Aviv.

Photo: Elekhh

Starting in the 1970s the sudden need to house the influx of immigrants saw a new style of architecture dominate the Israel. The convenience of quick, easy, modular construction gave rise to many buildings in the Brutalist architecture with its solid, utilitarian nature.

Photo: Aviad2001

In modern times with the globalization of Israel and the continual influence of different cultures, modern buildings you would see in most metropolitan cities such as glass skyscrapers have begun to sprout up throughout the country amidst these ancient buildings and other architectural styles.

Photo: Adam Jones

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