Sigalit Landau

Salt Years

Sigalit Landau

Sigalit Landau is an Israeli sculptor, video and installation artist with whom Betaesh has newly connected. Sigalit Landau was born in Jerusalem and spent several years in the US and the UK. Landau grew up bi-lingual, multi-cultural, on a hill over-looking the Judean Dessert, the skyline of Jordan, and the northern part of the Dead Sea. She graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem

Landau's work is about building bridges – she looks for and utilizes natural and vital materials to connect the past to the future; the west to the east; the private with the collective; the sub-existential to the Uber-profound; the found objects to the deepest epic narratives and mythologies. "She spreads salt crystals on open injuries, blends them in sugar, covers them in papier-mâché, immerses them in the Dead Sea. But their bloody presence is always here." 

The Parting of the Red Sea

"The Parting of the Red Sea" is a micro calligraphy piece by Ellen Miller Braun that depicts this Biblical story from the book of Exodus. You can see Moses, holding his holy staff aloft, as he watches Aaron, Joshua and Caleb son of Yefuneh, lead the multitude of Israel, young and old, through the majestic towering walls of the Red Sea. The Pillar of Fire blazes with glory, radiating forth rays of pure light. The thunderous surf can be heard, and even felt, in the distance, crashing down on the advancing Egyptian army (Ellen depicts the Egyptians with red and black letters).

Ellen Miller Braun

Ellen Miller Braun was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA and now lives with her husband and children in Samaria, the Biblical Heartland of Israel. Ellen studied fine arts at Northeastern Illinois University. She creates her Biblical micro calligraphy art from the stories and verses of the Torah and Scriptures. Using a fine point calligraphy pen dipped in watercolor paints, Ellen creates fabulous pictures in full color, entirely from Biblical texts. Papercuts are a recent addition to Ellen’s repertoire. These intricate, sophisticated pieces also include her trademark micro calligraphy.


Yoram Raanan was born and raised in New Jersey, and graduated from the University of Arts in Philadelphia. In 1977 he settled in Israel and opened his first studio in the Bukharim Quarter in Jerusalem. Raanan's paintings are a modern expression of Jewish collective consciousness. Characterized by intuition and imagination, there is a strong sense of light, color and spirituality. He is inspired by the Bible, nature and the Land of Israel.